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 In 1997, concerned Christians and Muslims had come together with the realisation that Auckland was changing because of immigration and there was a desire to avoid confrontations between our two faiths. Various activities were planned to bring about shared understandings with the purpose of encouraging respect and friendships among our peoples and the establishment of a good forum for sharing our aims for a peaceful city. The Council for Christians and Muslims (CCM) was formed.

 By 2017, the Community of St Luke was well involved with CCM. The then Associate Minister, the Rev. Doctor Keith Rowe, whose former experience in Australia had involved him positively with Muslims, had brough this enthusiasm for such interfaith involvements to CSL.

 CCM has maintained an annual Peacenic, an event of Christians and Muslims getting together to share sport, refreshments and entertainment. CCM is also involved each Ramadan with Pearl of the Islands in encouraging Christians to participate in the fast-breaking Iftar dinners.

Before Covid, the Community of St Luke hosted a CCM seminar where Christian and Muslim scholars discussed shared truths from our two traditions. CSL have also hosted a forum where Christian and Muslim thoughts about our stewardship of our eco systems were considered. Both these events were under the auspices of CCM.

 CCM have drawn closer to the Wellington Abrahamic Council and are considering possibly including Jews in our council as well. Since 2019,some CCM members have been deeply involved in the events following the Christchurch mosque attacks.

CCM is discussing sponsoring future literary discussions, musical concerts and art shows where we can share some of our aesthetic understandings and appreciations.

Other interfaith activities have included pilgrimages to Hindu temples, Chinese Buddhist temples, Sikh gurdwaras, a Bahai centre and responses to invitations to visit a Tibetan Buddhist temple and an Latter Day Saints stake house.


A few simple guidelines will help Interfaith activities to be positive and worthwhile.

1.       INCLUSION: As we seek to walk the interfaith path, we agree to see others of different faiths as our brothers and sisters, human beings with whom we want to interact in a patient and mindful manner doing all we can to avoid judging them, but helping them to feel included, respected and welcomed in our society.

2.       COLLABORATION: Many faiths seek to treat others with compassion and kindness. Interfaith activities seek to discern areas of common understanding and cooperation. Criticism of areas of difference is avoided. The aim is to befriend our neighbours and to share the good things we hold in common and to work together for a better society.

3.       RECIPROCITY: One of the best ways to get to know others who come from different spiritual traditions is to welcome them into our homes and share a meal with our families— especially when we are celebrating our special festivals. Or we might share an outing with our families.

4.       GOODWILL: All of these things are impossible without a spirit of goodwill which is an aspect of hospitality and is an expression of love. People of goodwill can come to understandings and agreements which are capable of growing into more significant supportive relationships.

5.       HUMILITY: With all our sophistry and wit, if we lack humility, we are not well suited to successful intercultural relationships. The chance that we may make unintentional mistakes in cross-cultural communication is very possible. That is an important way we learn. But, if we are proud, we will find it hard to learn. Let us be patient with others’ mistakes and humble enough to be able to laugh at our own.

(Contributed by Noel McGrevy, Parish Councillor and Executive Committee member for CCM)

                               Video by Rev Glynn Cardy which includes Interfaith


 Auckland Catholic Diocese Commission for Ecumenism and Interfaith Relations

Bruce Harrison - 022 467 6624

The Catholic Diocese Of Auckland.

Pompallier Diocesan Centre,

30 New Street, St Mary's Bay, Auckland 1011,



Auckland Inter-Faith Council

Diversity of faiths and religious traditions in Auckland



Ruth Cleaver - 09 813 1600

Ministry for Ethnic Communities

PO Box 2220

Carlaw Park

12-14 Nicholls Lane,

Parnell, Auckland 1010



Bahai Inter Religious Dialogue

09 522 4123 or 0800 BAHAIS (0800 224 24)

31 Kingdon Street, Newmarket, Auckland

PO Box 99 373, Newmarket, Auckland, 1149



Beth Shalom Progressive Synagogue

180 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023

PO Box 26052, Epsom, Auckland 1344




Council of Christians & Muslims

Brendan Donnell brendan.donnell@gmail.com

681 Sandringham Road, Sandringham

Auckland, 1025



Fo Guang Shan North Island

09 274 4880

16 Stancombe Road, Flat Bush, Auckland 2016



Pearl of the Islands Foundation

Tayyaba Khan - +64 9 217 4347

1A Wagener Place, Mount Albert,

Auckland 1025




Religious Diversity Centre

University of Otago House

385 Queen St.

PO Box 5543

Auckland 1141



Wellington Abrahamic Centre

Dave Moskovitz - 027 220 2202



Wellington Interfaith Council




Waikato Interfaith Council / Te Tiaho Uenuku

Provides a comprehensive National and International listing of Interfaith organisations